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27th May - 2020

With 30+ major airlines across all continents, IMD enables your brand onboarding on either domestic and international flights. Broadcast your promotional message through seatback TV and personal devices with routes and audience targeting on display banner and video. Leverage inflight advertising ad serving technology to show your Ad on occupied seats only.

We are actually in strong relationship with international airlines onboarding powerful advertising system allowing us to reach occupied seats only on specific route city pairs and seat-class: Air Asia, China Eastern, Norwegian, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways and some others... We constantly follow actuality and board reopening to propose you international inflight advertising campaign. Besides, we have confirmation that domestic flight campaign are actually available in China and soon actionable in Europe countries.

Benefit from our preferred relation with all inflight environment actors to be informed and launch targeted campaign on live updated inflight audience.

Sanitary and then financial situation is actually critical, it is a fact. However brands will need to advertise again in order to recover initial image on travelers mind. This audience stay relevant for all advertisers looking to increase awareness and customers acquisition. IMD support you to already set-up a campaign on travelers audience either for intentionists* than confirmed ones. Be the first to advertise again on travelers!

*intentionists: who intend to purchase in the near future 

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